Why UC Davis?

Photo: Grad GroupsWhy UC Davis?

UC Davis is different. We have a highly productive group of biomedical basic scientists and the largest specialty training programs in Veterinary Medicine. In addition, we have several major biomedical research programs, a collegial environment, diverse multidisciplinary opportunities, superb clinical training and most importantly dedicated teachers and mentors. Our campus-wide integrated graduate school program fosters interactions between scientists and students across different research disciplines. This in part provides the diversity of opportunities that characterize UC Davis. The physical proximity and collaborations between the School of Veterinary Medicine faculty and members of the College of Biological Sciences, the School of Medicine, and the Colleges of Engineering, as well as College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences provides a unique environment. Exceptional research opportunities also exist with the Mouse Biology Program and the California National Primate Research Center; both are affiliated with the School of Veterinary Medicine. Other extraordinary resources include programs in Nutritional Science and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and emerging programs in Genomics and Bioinformatics. In addition to the wide array of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Campus programs there are also affiliated offsite mentors at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

We have a vibrant VSTP with a group of outstanding students. Explore this website for specific details on research programs and faculty members.