VSTP Administration and Advising

Photo: tubesVSTP Administration and Advising

The Veterinary Scientist Training Program is housed in the School of Veterinary Medicine Dean’s Office and is administered by the VSTP Advisory Committee and the Program Coordinator. Their primary missions are to select candidates for the program, ensure the smooth coordination between professional and graduate degree programs and to provide in depth and wide ranging advising to our students.

A Coordinating Advisor is assigned to assist each student in optimizing his or her degree program and progress. The VSTP advisor is distinct from the mentor under which a VSTP student will pursue their PhD. 

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is headed by the Director of the VSTP and consists of ten additional faculty. Current advisory committee members are:

  • Dr. Xinbin Chen, VSTP Director
  • Dr. Helen Raybould
  • Dr. Danika Bannasch
  • Dr. Brian Bird
  • Dr. Peter Havel
  • Dr. Sara Thomasy
  • Dr. Katherine Watson
  • Dr. Brian Leonard
  • Dr. Jessica Morgan
  • Dr. Isaac Pessah, Associate Dean, Ex Officio